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Oppose Coastal Corridor

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Dear People!  Democrats!!

Let us unitedly oppose the coastal corridor which destroys the livelihood of thousands of Fishermen, Daliths, Ryots, and Coolies and at the same time smashing the production of food grains, sea foods, and thus adversely affects the lives of the poor people. This Government is not caring for the public opinion and the opposition of the Fishermen, Dalits, Farmers, and Coolies, artisans. We oppose the issue of G.O. No. 34 against the people’s aspiration and giving consent for formation of coastal corridor and we the Committee against formation of Industrial Coastal Corridor oppose it tooth and nail.  How the rulers and officials did give shape to this coastal corridor which is anti-people? The Govt. which came into power on the basis of big promises of the welfare of the poor people and claiming to be the harbingers of Indira Raj , is pushing  the life of poor people to extinction through  S.E.Zs, Pharma Parks, Chemical Industries, and Industrial Parks.

Is stripping off the Farmers, Daliths, Girijans and other downtrodden people of their sources of food, and subjecting them to unending starvation a progressive step?   It is unjust to acquire the lands that were Inams, assigned lands and the banjars which are cultivated by the poor.  We demand scrapping off the SEZ Act and G.O 34 issued by the government of Andhra Pradesh for coastal corridor.  On account of these two there is a great danger to the survival of live creatures that guarantee food, that protect the environment.  Thus the SEZ and G.O 34 together threaten the livelihood of poor and middle class people while making the food security questionable.

What is SEZ ACT about?
According to Chapter 9 para 13 of the exim policy 2000 an SEZ means it is a foreign land.  Thousands of the freedom fighters have laid down their lives to rid the country of foreign rulers.   Against the spirit of the sacrifices of those great leaders today the central and state government is introducing the SEZ Act in order to rob their fellow country men of their hard earned freedom.  The citizens of the country have earned their fundamental and constitutional rights through the constitution written by great people like BR Ambedkar and others.  Now the above said act and GO are doing away the fundamental rights of the people and the sovereignty of the country.  When SEZ Act itself is a threat to the country now the government is coming forward with several SEZs,  Pharma Parks, Chemical industries and as if these are not enough the danger is compounded by the formation  of a Coastal Corridor, which itself is equivalent to several SEZs, and issued GO 34 in that connection.  These two put together are destroying the livelihood of the poor and middle class people and are now a big threat to the food security.


In the eastern coast within a period of Nine Months, stage by stage the Coastal Corridor is proposed to be formed in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, East Godavary, West Godavary Krishna, Guntur, Prakasham, and Nellore Districts, and already plans are afoot, for the land acquisition.  In fact the lands which yield rice abundantly are spread through out these Nine Districts as statistics of the State Government itself make this picture clear.  In these circumstances we demand the state government as to how did it   issue orders for formation of Costal Corridor, in this area?  According to these orders it came out clearly that in the phase 1, In East Godavary Visakha Districts in 603 square Kilo meters (In an area of 1.50 lac acres,) ‘Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical region’ (PCPIR) is going to be formed, and then in the following stages in the remaining part of the District the State Government say that they are going to extend the Coastal Corridor. It is not proper doing Real Estate business by acquiring the lands of poor people by the government.  This fact of acquiring lands for 79 SEZs is unheard of in other states.  In addition to these, the state government is acquiring the lands for the so called Industrial Parks, Theme Parks, Mega Chemical complexes and pharma parks etc.  Now what is new in coastal corridor phase one under PCPIR is acquisition of another 1.5lakh acres.

In the state of Andhra PRadesh, the area of paddy cultivation in 2004-05 economic year was 30,86,202 hectares. The total rice produced is 96, 01,045 tonnes. If Costal Corridor is formed in the present area, state would be losing 67, 64,203 tonnes of rice in 20, 23,087 hectares of the land.

Not only these, Bajra, Maize, Black Gram, Green Gram , Oil Seeds, Coconut, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Mirchi, Cashew, Mango, Haldi, Plantain, crops yield maximum only in Coastal Districts. If Coastal Corridor is formed, the yield mentioned above would be totally lost. Now it is for the State Government to answer as to what should the people consume, after the Corridor is formed?  The total Income from various crops even according to the statistics of the State Government it self is Rs. 16, 095, 35 crores

In Coastal Area through out the 972 Kms of Coast, 80 lacs of fishermen are living.  According to State Government Statistics, in the year 2005-06 in this area total yield of  sea food product  was worth 6,768.89 Crores of Rupees.  Even now due to the Chemical Industries here and there, the sea food is facing extinction.  Now itself slowly the negative results of industrial development in the Coastal Area, are coming forth, though slowly. A few incidents that took place recently point out this.   During January 2008 the industrial waste where it enters into the ocean from Simhadri NTPC in Paravada  Mandal Species of  Olive Ridley variety of Tortoise died in a large number due to the toxic effect of the Waste, emitted by NTPC.  On December 14th and 15th at Durga Beach area, in Visakhapatnam Tons of Dead fish came floating on the shore, due to pollution.  In these circumstances it is not difficult to imagine when hundreds of industries which cause pollution are established, the extent of loss that occurs.  Petroleum, chemical, Petrochemical Industrial region may cause huge loss to naturally available sea food, and does the State Government account for the resultant loss to the masses?   It was alleged that there were remnants of chemicals in the prawns that were exported to foreign countries during 2004-2005 economic year, and the cargo was returned.  Being unable to deal with the problem, the business people have thrown out the prawns into the ocean.   We demand the State Government to protect the fish, by taking necessary measures.


If 385 million litres of water from Yeleru Reservoir is diverted to Coastal Corridor the State Government alone should say, from where would it supply drinking water to the people of Visakhapatnam. On one hand Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy deceives the people saying he is constructing heavy irrigation projects in a big way, in the name of JALAYAGNAM and on the other hand says that he is going to supply water to PCPIR (which is a part of Coastal Corridor), from the left canal of Polavaram Reservoir 1848 Millions of Liters a day, and he incorporated this fact in the Coastal Corridor Project Report, and is it not cheating the poor Daliths, Ryots, and Tribal people? Tribals of 300 villages belonging to East Godavary, Khammam are agitating in a big way while YSR without minding it says that he is constructing Polavaram Project only in the interests of Daliths, and Ryots, but supplying water to industries. Doesn’t this amount to cheating the public?  Is it not unjust to divert the 20 Million Liters water per day to Coastal Corridor? At the cost of Daliths, and other poor people of Samalkot area and the assigned lands they are cultivating?

The State Government should withdraw the proposal of Coastal Corridor.  The extrusion of Bauxite in Visakha Agency should be stopped forthwith. The land acquisition for Costal Corridor and SEZs should be dispensed forth with. As the state continues with the mad frenzy in the name of ‘development’ ‘Economic growth’ the peasants fisherfolk agricultural labourers, Dalits and artisans face displacement and dispossession at unprecedented scale.



  • We oppose the formation of Coastal Corridor as the fishermen in 9 districts would lose their livelihood and the annual production of fish product and other related food would face destruction.
  • Stop jeopardizing the livelihood of Daliths, Poor Ryots, Agricultural Coolies, and Fishermen and destroying the fertile lands, and unlimited wealth of fish, by polluting it.
  • Oppose acquisition of agricultural fertile lands of Coastal Districts which account for yearly production of over 67 lacs tones of paddy by forming Coastal Corridor which is nothing but a Mega SEZ and make the food supply a big question.
  • Stop formation of Coastal Corridor in coastal area where there is an annual income of Rs 16,095,35 Crores from agricultural products.
  • Stop acquiring the lands assigned to poor and Daliths for Coastal Corridor, and SEZs Pharma Industrial parks.
  • Stop starvation of deaths of people by causing threat to the food security in the name of Petrol, Chemical, Petrochemical Industries.
  • Stop mortgaging the fruits of independence and save sovereignty of the country.
  • We oppose government’s pro SEZ Developers attitude and demand to respect the Sentiments and rights of the people.
  • Scrap the SEZs Act and Stop looting the natural resources in the name of Development.

(Source: NAPM Pamphlet)

Written by dilkibaatein

August 23, 2008 at 8:51 am

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