Fighting Injustice in Polepally SEZ

…more than courage it takes WILL to stand up against injustice !

Perverted development takes one more life

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One more farmer lost his life on the altar of SEZ development in Polepally !

Ramulu Goud (48) of Rapally village passed away today. He lost his piece of land in Polepally village. He could not take further pain and loss of hope reducing him from a farmer to a helpless beneficiary of the mercy of SEZ lords and APIIC officials. Depression claimed his life.He has an elder and younger brother. The piece of land jointly owned by these three brothers was taken away forcibly by the govt. authorities. Recently, the government has offered rehabilitation  & resettlement for the affected by giving 200 Sq. Yds house site and Rs 70,000/- for house construction. Of three affected brothers, only one brother having the patta was offered this ‘generous’ R&R package

His death questions and makes mockery of the so called rehabilitation packages and promises of ‘development brokers’, and pro-development advocates

Why is life and death of an independent life monetized by development policies? Life of farmers or rural farmers is not a commodity that can be converted by development brokers who can only calculate conversion rates of currencies and goods for sale. Land and life of people defies all the superficial talk of the development brokers because life here is not for sale

Development is criminal when it turns dignity into a commodity and sovereignty and self pride into cost -benefit items. Ramulu Goud is one more victim of the bloodless crime that is widespread in Telangana and other regions today

Minds worshiping money more than anything else are degrading human relationships and life. In place of human relations any person is now changed into a burden or a benefit, and community life is destroyed, and collective identities are dismembered and eroded.

Hungry stomachs, tired souls, shrinking bodies are questioning whose development is this? How many more people have to be sacrificed for this ‘development’?

When does GDP calculators and equations understand value of ‘LIVES’?

How long shall we convince that this land will one day have a great future when all our villagers are evicted like dirt on urban streets and our people are dying like this leaving their children as orphans? How long will we continue to think that our politicians, officials and the market will take care of our people?

Friends, Ramulu died to remind us of our responsibility !

Can we stop at least one more farmer from becoming another Ramulu Goud?

Please join hands in condemning the development atrocities and stop ‘perverted development’

Ramulanna Amar Hai !


Written by Sujatha Surepally

November 20, 2008 at 10:06 pm

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