Fighting Injustice in Polepally SEZ

…more than courage it takes WILL to stand up against injustice !

Polepally SEZ Claims Yet Another Life

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Today Kanduri Nagamma, aged about 38, took her last breath leaving her children and her land Polepally. She is been fighting with life for last 20 days in Mahbubnagar hospital.  Polepally SEZ Vyathireka Ikya Sanghatana did dharna in front of hospital when it refused to admit her and provide medical facilities while she was struggling for life after she consumed pesticide. The corporate hospital says that she doesnt fall under ‘Arogyasree’ because it does not cover cases of snake bite, poison and accidents. Now a poor man cannot die in a manner that government schemes do not understand

What brought Nagamma’s death? Is it the ghost called ‘government’ that made her life meaningless or the Aurabindo Pharma or Hetero Drugs that killed her?

Only the Govt or intellectuals advocating the SEZ development models may know how to categorize Nagamma’s death.

Nagamma struggled all these years and fought the SEZ lords who robbed her land and condemned to her starvation and humiliation and hopelessness. She took part in all the protests and dharnas and meetings and interactions with political messiahs of the land. She took poison recently without having the strength to wait for some fine day that might dawn one day as the leaders promised. She fought every second during the past five days and finally gave up the fight against death

Death toll of Polepally reached 44! Many of them are under 50 years. Forty five deaths in a village of 320 families. Is it a genocide? Or is it the model of development that our Telangana villages ought to have  with all its great leaders and policies and parties

Polepally is turning grim. Farmers are losing hopes, starving and dying with shame, helplessness.  Violence is increasing in every family, frustrated members are fighting with each other. They are losing control over what they are turning into. Everyday a new board is appearing in SEZ area, creating havoc in people’s lives. Aurabindo is going to start its products from new year, all the ‘coolies’ are informed that there will not be any more jobs. Whatever few labour jobs that some ‘capable’ and selected persons of the village got due to the mercy of the SEZ lords will now come to an end. That’s another painful thing that farmers are not able to fathom. Where do we go and what do we feed our children from tomorrow, is  the question that’s haunting every affected person in Polepally.

What’s the way left now for the Polepally farmers? Leave the village and go begging on the country, or pray for some miracle that they would not die from starvation till some new Govt come to liberate them some indefinite auspicious day as every party promised to do justice if they come to power.  Meanwhile a legal process will continue the hopes of hopeless farmers. This gap is going to be very precious, a black period, a mask to cover real stories.

Friends, Polepally is increasingly becoming a nightmare…

Please suggest how to arrest the deaths..

People say only ‘yama’ will know when one will die, but here our ‘Govt’ or other actors know how to kill and when to kill. Will someone ask who killed 44 farmers in Polepally? Will someone answer who is the culprit

You may extend any help directly to the people in need and stop one more family becoming the victim

Joharlu Nagamma!

In grief ! In solidarity !
Jai Telangana!
Sujatha Surepally


Written by Sujatha Surepally

December 4, 2008 at 9:41 am

Posted in Articles, English

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