Fighting Injustice in Polepally SEZ

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Polepally Victims Plan Long Dharna

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Today we had a review meeting in the mango farm, adjacent to Polepally SEZ. Whole farm is sold out to housing plots. The meeting was held in the shade of the orchard that is about to vanish shortly. All surrounding areas have now become real estate properties of people sitting elsewhere with money bags. That entire area wears a radically different image with the SEZ. One can’t see any more signs of a village. Telangana village is broken into hi-tech roads. For a moment one would feel it is some industrial area of Delhi, or Vizag steel plant. I saw small children and men sweating as they sit in hot mid day painting the road divider. Hi-tech roads that devoured the villages and the people and their lives that used to be here until very recently. Oorunu mingina roadduku rangula nagisheelu chekkinattu unnadhi

One can see the ‘development’ ghost right from the city. City that spreads out like octopus with roads growing into wider roads and hi-tech roads wiping out hundreds of villages as they spread out into nowhere. No more villages across the roads, only concrete firewalls everywhere. No more green fields and trees, men and women toiling in the field, cows and goats returning home with the sinking sun, sounds of bullock carts, ancient temples, ek minar, do minar and char minars. All one can see is four wide roads.

Development is now wide roads. Now there are 4 toll gates in between Hyderabad and Mahaboobnagar. ‘Telangana palle’ is successfully demolished in past four years and replaced by ‘steel, cement and stones’. Images of telangana palle are thoroughly destroyed.

Another interesting news of Polepally. Anti-SEZ committee members Jabbar, Ramesh Goud and Saleem tried every possibility to get ‘justice’ from political leaders and bureaucrats. They managed to meet and talk to Mallu Ravi the local MLA, Acharaya (MD of APIIC) and Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP and company owners! These four members continued to make efforts if there was any solution. They still had some hope of these guys helping them. They were shocked to know of Chandrababu Naidu’s response. Babu told them that ‘they cant to do anything now’, same Chandrababu Naidu who promised in by-elections that they will scrap SEZ if they come to power. Further he accused the Polepally farmers because of whom TDP candidate was defeated in by-elections! The disappointed committee members told Chandrababu not only to talk of his candidate’s electoral defeat but also remember that 45 farmers died in Polepally. Anyway, there was no response except one ‘vekili navvu’ and asking do they have any other plans for future.

Committee members are not leaving new fellow putting up a board and joining the SEZ gang. Villagers took telephone numbers from the sign boards and told them seriously that without doing any justice they shouldn’t enter Polepally. One of the companies asked the villager to come Delhi to meet the company owner and when they went with all the documents, the company owner said that they cant do anything because its tie up between the Govt and company. But at least they assured that they dont start their construction till the matter is settled. Aurabindo Pharma CS Reddy told these villagers to ‘get lost’ and he is not bothered anymore. All these days these ‘big farmers’ were given royal treatment in the company, once the construction is completed they showed their ‘asli face’. The divide between big farmers and small farmers and the respect for big farmers came to an end because there is no role of the big farmers now as the construction is successfully over. Big fish have no value once the small fish is finished

Jabbar and Saleem threatened that they will see how the company will start the production. Mallu Ravi is trying to get 1 crore 15 lakhs contract and he is promising the villagers that he will build houses for them. Another fake promise.

Jabbar confessed that all these days they were ignoring the people fighting against SEZ with the hope that company heads and TRS, Congress and TDP politicians and bureaucrats will help them get a better deal. But they realized that all these are crooks and were only playing divide and rule tactics. They said these politicians were only agents of SEZ lords

People attending the meeting were surprised to hear the experiences of Jabbar and group. Is it a sign that villagers have become smart and able to negotiate or sign that big farmers are now disillusioned. Of course the people are awakened now of the tricks the SEZ owners and the politicians play. Polepally is ‘fire’ now, no one can cheat them, they could stop many companies from coming into SEZ area. We all know that till the elections they will keep quite and pamper the villagers and play one against the other and once the elections are over they will start their games. Villagers discussed what to do in forthcoming elections -either they vote for someone who gives them unambiguous assurance of justice and with concrete demands of Polepally or stand in the elections. They were very happy to know that with ‘Bhu nirvasita Ikya Sanghatana’ they have more people to support across the state. A forum of all the displaced people coming together was felt a great strength to their struggle.

Polepally committee decided to start NIRAVADHIKA DHARNA (continuous dharna) in front of SEZ Company till the elections! They decided to go to every house and ask them to take part in the Dharna

Friends, one way we are saying that there are no social movements. But right in front of us there are many, ready to sacrifice their lives, what they need is just moral, financial and technical support. This is prime time for us to move with some strategies and resources. Please do something for the long battle of Polepally.

Let’s stop more villages becoming victim of SEZ and let us get back the lands grabbed by the SEZ lords

Request you all to cooperate and support Polepally struggle.

Jai Telangana!

Sujatha Surepally


Written by Sujatha Surepally

January 28, 2009 at 11:03 pm

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