Fighting Injustice in Polepally SEZ

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15 Poor People Are Not Just Vote Banks

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Dear All
Now poor cannot have an acre of land. They will be killed if they refuse to part with the land. Land, livelihoods, natural resources are not for poor and oppressed castes in Andhra Pradesh. Neo-feudal politicians are for all games of cheating the people with slogans and promises with expiry date of polling day. Alliance politics are just part of the drama of looting the poor collectively after polls with active or silent support for each other.
Separatists and long-time integrationists are together. CPI-M of Maha Kutami already has plans of post poll alliance with Congress. ‘Boycott Elections’ radicals cautiously bless anti- Congress parties in present polls.
Palamoor parched lands, Telangana exploitation, weavers’ suicides in Sircilla, genocide of Koya tribe under Polavaram dam, Polepally carnage in pharma-SEZ will continue to remain after elections as well for these parties to issue once again copy of the old statements and gloss it with crocodile tears
Polepally SEZ has forty nine farmers killed since 2003 from the day TDP announced SEZ, Congress-TRS alliance government forcibly acquired the lands and harassed dalits, Muslims and bahujan communities in Polepally to offer thousand and more acres to SEZ lords for the gifts they offered to these leaders and their projects and parties that need money for next polls
Scholors  today talked of Palestine struggle in Polepally village and there is also a drama titled Polepally Peenuga  (Polepally Corpses). It is time we recognized Polepally killings as state killings and see these deaths as not corpses. Today’s Telangana has several protest movements. Polepally is part of it. They are waged by the people themselves.
Polepally protest movement (Polepally SEZ Vyatireka Aikya Sanghatana) had been relentless and had arrests, harassment and eviction along with rising death toll. They sought help of local TRS MLA and other parties in Mahabubnagar and Hyderabad, gave memorandums, held dharnas, meetings, gheraos, etc. Initially it elicited some sympathies here and there, some write ups on their woes, some activists showing solidarity.  Then Polepally Committee decided to contest mid-term polls of May 2008. Thirteen farmers, whose lands were looted and who were rendered homeless and battered by SEZ lords and local leaders, stood in Assembly polls. The nation heard their tale and atrocities in the name of SEZ and denial of political parties (wedded to national change or regional change) to see Polepally killings. They gained 13,000 votes. And also defeated the local TRS MLA.  Later NTPP Devender Goud, PRP Chiranjeevi visited Polepally village. Subsequently formed Round Table also brought TRS K Chandrasekhar Rao, TDP, CPI and CPM etc to the Polepally. All parties spoke in collective meeting to condemn Congress for the Polepally killings
Almost a year since then, no party has done anything on SEZ atrocities. Their manifestos don’t have anything on SEZ or Polepally. Some parties contesting in Mahbubnagar, and hence forced to visit Polepally for votes, talk of justice after elections. Same promises the farmers have been listening time and again for years. They decided to contest Lok Sabha polls now. They contest to tell the world that these parties have nothing different from each other and are same when it comes to the killing and eviction of the poor and selling the lands of the poor people to the SEZ lords across the state.
Political parties, politicians, and theoreticians may like to talk of things of change after years and decades after polls and next polls. But Polepally people, like people anywhere, threatened of eviction and empty stomachs want justice NOW. No theories they need, No schemes and designs of transfer of state power from one gang to other gang.
Polepally poor are contesting elections to condemn the insensitivity of our politicians and party spokespersons and ideologues and vulgarization of politics where people are reduced to only voters. What else is left to be robbed off from the poor!
Polepally is contesting Lok Sabha and has visitors of all shades- the contestants, the visitors, media, intellectuals and revolutionaries- because they are voters and it is the auspicious time to meet them.
Conscientious, wise and radical forces of the society posed hundred questions to Polepally poor. The evicted, hungry, landless poor contestants are posed with lots of questions by so many who never bothered to see the village that was reeling under deaths.
Right, Left, centrist, radical, and Telangana parties and their intellectuals as well as ‘poll time Telangana activists’ from the region and abroad ask the Polepally poor why they contest elections? Why not confine to the struggle? Why to contest now when Telangana chief KCR is in the fray? And so on.

Polepally poor contestants who are moving village to village without any resources and fleet of cars and bags of money are asking why these parties did not fight for them, why they kept silent on the killings and why they have not stopped the SEZ atrocities.
Polepally people say they are contesting today because these political parties have abandoned them. You have ignored our deaths, you have left us to the pack of SEZ devils, you have forgotten that we are part of Palamoor and that Palamoor killings are part of Telangana tragedy, because you have forgotten that we are people and you have seen us as mere voters to fill your ballot boxes. Because you failed us, we are contesting now
Did any of the politicians, intellectuals, activists and revolutionaries find ever an auspicious time to visit Polepally earlier?
దొరలార మమ్మల్ని అనాధలను చేసిండ్లు. నాయకులు మీరు, సదువుకొన్నొల్లు మీరు, నీతి చెప్పెటోల్లు, మా ఊర్లు ఆగమయితానై మా వోల్లు చస్తాండ్లు అని మొర చెప్పుకొంటె ఇనకపోతిరి. మా సావులను కూడ పట్టిచ్చుకోక పోతిరి. మా భూములను మాకిప్పియ్యండి, గీ సెజ్ ను తీసెయ్యుండ్లి అని ప్రతి ఒక్కరి కాల్లు పట్టుకొంటిమి. మమ్మల్ని ఆగం ఆగం చేసిండ్లుగదా.
మా బతుకులు మా సావులు వోట్లకు తప్ప పనికిరాకుండ అయిపాయె. గియ్యాల వొస్తిరి మా ఊరుకు, మా వొట్లడగబడ్తిరి. ఎందరికని ఎయ్యాలే? ఎవ్వనికెయ్యాలే?
ఇక్కడ పీనుగలు లేవు. దేశం మమ్మల్ని సంపుతాంది. దేశంల ఉన్న దొరలందరు పోలేపల్లిల చేసిన హత్యలు ఇవి. 

రాజ్యాలు మారినంక, రాజులు మారినంకనె మా ఊరు గోస ఇంటమంటిరి. మాకున్నయన్నీ పాయె. మాకున్న వోటును గూడ మాకొద్దనబడ్తిరి. ఉన్నయన్నీ దోసుకున్న దెసంల మా వోటును కూడ ఒదులుకుంటె మమ్మల్నెవ్వదు కానుతడు. మా బతుకుల్ని మా సావుల్ని కాకుండ మా వోట్లనె సూశేటోనికి మేమెయ్యం. మా వోటు మాకే ఉండనియ్యుండ్లి. గదొక్కటన్న మిగలనియ్యుండ్లి.

ధర్మాత్ములయితె మా వోట్లని కాదు మా బతుకుల్ని సావుల్ని సూడుండ్లి. ధర్మాత్ములయితె మా తోని ఉండండి.

Condemn Pharma SEZ Killings!
Save Polepally! Save Telangana People!!
Sujatha Surepally


Written by Sujatha Surepally

April 14, 2009 at 3:40 pm

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  1. నక్కకు నాగ లొకానికి ముడి పెడతారు మన మేధావులు….అదేందొ యేమొ మరి….మీరు రాసింది నూటికి నూరు పాళ్ళు నిజం….పీనుగలు కాదు వాళ్ళు…యెందరికొ జీవించటం నెర్పుతున్న అసామాన్యులైన సామాన్య ప్రజలు….


    April 22, 2009 at 2:04 pm

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