Fighting Injustice in Polepally SEZ

…more than courage it takes WILL to stand up against injustice !

Mahabubnagar 2009 Elections Verdict

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Once again Polepally played a critical role in demonstrating what the poor and the exploited villagers can still do in carrying out the struggle without compromises and using every means available in taking forward the movement against atrocious SEZ policies

Polepally would stand as a model for the strength of peoples struggle in electoral matters as well. While the established political parties of different shades in the state talk of the strength of money bags, the poor and displaced and harassed have proved they can do wonders. The strength is their struggle and commitment for people’s cause.

Did the Polepally made KCR win or Mr. Vithal Rao (Convenor, Cong MPs) lose is not the issue. Polepally poor contested from their village in these lok sabha polls demanding their lands back and justice to the exploited villagers. Other contestants stood in these polls for power and with other agendas that the poor of this region or the state had nothing to gain from

Comments that KCR won with margin because of Polepally movement, or Vittal Rao lost because Congress lost its credibility in the district because of brazen anti-people acts like the Polepally that took 49 lives in a village, is for the analysts to study. It s just a struggle for justice for the Polepally poor

It is sheer commitment, struggle, and uncompromising people’s agenda thats is all the Polepally poor think of their source of victory

Some say that Mr. Vithal Rao spent around 20 Crores in these polls and yet lost. Almost all Rao’s and Telangana forums supported KCR got about 20,000 margin.

Polepally proved again that struggles need no moneybags and that all talk of role of resources and therefore to sell away ideals and join hands with enemies is only opportunism.

Mahabubnagar polls have been one of the most seriously fought battles in the state. Mahububnagar had seen money being spent liberally by the party candidates, star campaigners – film heroes and heroines, every caste forum, intellectual and academics of every political group, and media manipulations.

Polepally braved against all these forces. And they got a lakh votes!!! Who supported Polepally? The poor, Telangana activists and true souls from near and far.

It is victory of the poor people of Polepally and the region. They redefine politics and path of Telangana movement. Telangana activists, like Gaddar and others, mention that current politics have lost touch with people and their movements and artists have neglected local struggles and believed in mainstream politics only.
There are several struggles of the people on their own and without any support of the political groups. Open cast mining, Polavaram, florosis movements in Telangana are fighting for bhoomi, bhukti and vimukti.

Its not a small number, Big figures like Chiranjeevi, KCR and CBN didnt get this much. Unbelievable, without vehicles, money, posters or public meetings. Polepally contestants did barefoot campaign, traveled by auto (three wheelers) and making rounds to district colectorate office. All that they spent is around 2.8 lakhs. Much of it is borrowed and is to be cleared.

Polepally poor got around 90,000 votes while so many contestants from the political parties have not got anywhere near the Polepally poor

Your support is the strength for these movements We need your support to carry forward the movement.
We are hopeful and its time for introspection and renewing the movement in our villages and in our region.

  • Kotha raktham
  • Kotha tharam
  • Kotha Vaadam
  • Telngana waadam

We need to build, we need to protect our people, land and movements. Lets celebrate!

Jai Telangana,

Sujatha Surepally

Polepally fifteen contestants votes











Ravinder Goud


Gajje Narsmilu






Kanduru Narsimlu


Mala Pandu


Budagajangam Laxmamma


Mala Jangilamma


Seenaiah Goud









Total                                           77568 


Written by Sujatha Surepally

May 17, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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