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Oppose Coastal Corridor

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Dear People!  Democrats!!

Let us unitedly oppose the coastal corridor which destroys the livelihood of thousands of Fishermen, Daliths, Ryots, and Coolies and at the same time smashing the production of food grains, sea foods, and thus adversely affects the lives of the poor people. This Government is not caring for the public opinion and the opposition of the Fishermen, Dalits, Farmers, and Coolies, artisans. We oppose the issue of G.O. No. 34 against the people’s aspiration and giving consent for formation of coastal corridor and we the Committee against formation of Industrial Coastal Corridor oppose it tooth and nail.  How the rulers and officials did give shape to this coastal corridor which is anti-people? The Govt. which came into power on the basis of big promises of the welfare of the poor people and claiming to be the harbingers of Indira Raj , is pushing  the life of poor people to extinction through  S.E.Zs, Pharma Parks, Chemical Industries, and Industrial Parks.

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Written by dilkibaatein

August 23, 2008 at 8:51 am