Fighting Injustice in Polepally SEZ

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Bhu Nirvasita Gramala Sabha

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Voices of struggling masses | Voices of hope | Voices of the land call YOU

Bhu Nirvasita Gramala Sabha
27 & 28 December 2008 At Hyderabad

“There is nothing to compare with the courage of ordinary people whose names are unknown and whose sacrifices pass unnoticed. The courage that dares without recognition, without the protection of media attention, is a courage that humbles and inspires and reaffirms our faith in humanity” – Aung San Sung Kyi.

We invite all students, teachers, workers, writers, intellectuals, activists and friends of varied walks of life to listen to the heroic struggles and woes of our people threatened by ‘development’. Meet representatives from several people’s movements in the cause of protecting their land and lives! You are invited to the people’s struggle for sovereignty, sustainability!

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Written by JayaPrakash Telangana

December 9, 2008 at 12:42 am

Voices of people fighting displacement

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Our team visited different places in last three days. Our aim is to invite activists to come to a common agenda and platform to pressurize state. We thought of organising a big programme in Hyderabad in December with all the movements who are raising voice against this so called development and displacing their lives and villages. We visited Vizag Coastal corridor struggle groups, Gangavaram port Matsyakarula Ikya vedika, Girijana Sangam Araku, fighting against Jindal Bauxite mining, Rayavani Palem, Bauxite Vyatireka Porata Committee, Vizianagarm district.

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Written by Sujatha Surepally

November 25, 2008 at 12:43 am

SEZ woes and people’s resistance in AP

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– Sujatha Surepally

Polepally team traveled across the state to interact with people fighting against Special Economic Zones, displacements. We interacted with groups in Kakinada SEZ, Krishnapatnam SEZ, Eruru, few others SEZs in Nellore and Polavaram dam displaced adivasis in Bhadrachalam. We are asking seeking the support of all anti-SEZ groups to the Polepally struggle. We need to mobilize all anti-SEZ forces against the state government that is possessed by SEZ madness.

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Written by Sujatha Surepally

October 29, 2008 at 7:07 pm

Oppose Coastal Corridor

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Dear People!  Democrats!!

Let us unitedly oppose the coastal corridor which destroys the livelihood of thousands of Fishermen, Daliths, Ryots, and Coolies and at the same time smashing the production of food grains, sea foods, and thus adversely affects the lives of the poor people. This Government is not caring for the public opinion and the opposition of the Fishermen, Dalits, Farmers, and Coolies, artisans. We oppose the issue of G.O. No. 34 against the people’s aspiration and giving consent for formation of coastal corridor and we the Committee against formation of Industrial Coastal Corridor oppose it tooth and nail.  How the rulers and officials did give shape to this coastal corridor which is anti-people? The Govt. which came into power on the basis of big promises of the welfare of the poor people and claiming to be the harbingers of Indira Raj , is pushing  the life of poor people to extinction through  S.E.Zs, Pharma Parks, Chemical Industries, and Industrial Parks.

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Written by dilkibaatein

August 23, 2008 at 8:51 am